American cheese

I’ve finally suffered at an ignominy worse than the time Margarita’s Mexican Restaurant on Hwy 29 served The Mrs. and I white rice in our combo platos: Matt’s Famous El Rancho in AUS served me a pair of potato egg and cheese breakfast tacos with processed “American cheese” product playing the part of cheese. No, it wasn’t just cheddar in a single-slice configuration, it was disgusting.

both kinds

Mrs. bumper and I went to the Broken Spoke tonight to see Alvin Crow and the Pleasant Valley Boys -of whom one is our neighbor. I know this is probably one of those things that people just don’t say, but I feel like I have to warn you: that’s not the best chicken fried steak in Texas. I’m pretty certain of this. The band, however was great.

I have been taking in quite a bit of both kinds of music lately and I have got to comment that The Nashville Sound has got to be the worst thing to happen to any genre of music. Worse than keyboards to rock and roll, worse than Kenny G. to jazz.
A country band should have no more than one bowed instrument and that instrument should be a violin. a band can add an additional violin, but it needs to be made clear that it’s a twin fiddle show so people can avoid it if they want. There are some things that should go without saying about appropriate instrumentation and arrangement. (I’m pretty sure I heard an oboe in a Glen Campbell song) In fact the word “arrangement” probably shouldn’t come up.

Spencer’s mysterious woman

So about 1979 or ’80 Spencer (now of Coffee Sergeants fame) called me up and told me we had a gig playing for some woman at a festival. I can’t remember now if it was the Oatmeal Oatmeal Festival, the Lorena Strawberry Festival, the Cedar Park Cedar Chopper Festival, the Taylor Rattlesnake Festival, the Florence Fat Legs Festival or what. But it was one of those or something just like one of those. I would link to the ‘blog post, but we lost those archives when old hudge caught fire in ’92.
The thing I do remember about it is that I expected we were going to be accompanying someone I didn’t know, but it turned out that we were just playing with plain, old Deanna. Nothing wrong with Deanna, but it wasn’t what I expected. Somehow I never did figure out what caused my misapprehension, or what happened to Spencer’s mysterious woman.

Fast forward to a couple of months ago when our new next door neighbor moves in. Finally a winner in the neighbor lottery, we got Mike Murphy (A.K.A. Michele, A.K.A. Crazy Michele) and she’s pretty hip. She’s one of the Pleasant Valley “Boys” and she owns her own music school. The hook to this music school is that they get kids together and put them in bands, kind of like School of Rock with Mike playing Jack Black. Only, I suspect, zanier.
So anyway Mike flags me down at the mailbox a few days ago and tells me that my old buddy Spencer contacted her and was asking her if she remembered getting him a gig back three decades ago, and mentioned me and she said “hey, I think that’s my neighbor!” So anyway, Miss Mike (as we call her) was the mysterious woman and we were never going to accompany her; she was the organizer. And Spencer and I were among the first kid bands to play a kid band show in, perhaps, the original School of Rock.

generously ogresized

Bob's hand. Ugh! Bob’s generously ogresized hand was on the front page of the paper last week. The caption is below the fold, but the story is that the state championship rings are in. Now that Bob has his foot in the door (so to speak) of the oh-so-lucrative hand modeling biz I’m trying to get him to memorize the canonical speaking part: “You’re soaking in it!”

shaking my cane

Today: Bob is 18. That’s retirement age in Holland. His 18th birthday is the jab that sets up the roundhouse kick of my 40th. If I start shaking my cane at kids walking down the street in the next few weeks you’ll know why.

Anna had her second gymnastics meet of the season and in the four events finished first, first, first, first and (you guessed it) first overall.

It turns out it says this right in the pod for GD::Graph: “GD::Graph does not support numerical x axis the way it should.” That’s true. I think it would have been easier to read the documentation first than learn that experimentally, but that’s not the kind of guy I am. Anyone suggesting other graphing packages?~

kicked and banned from #bmw

Things I might have mentioned earlier were I not so lazy:

super-gold medal

I think you know I’m the last guy to brag –especially about my progeny, but I should probably just mention that Anna earned the top spot in the prestigious Leander Winter Classic with her brilliant portrayal of Swanhilde from Coppélia.

There’s really no way people would believe me if I tried to describe just how dominant Anna’s performance was, but they only gave her the gold medal because there was no super-gold medal.

Congratulations Panthers

Football update: Liberty Hill won the state championship last night. I get to keep the trophy at my house this week so come on by and check it out. Congratulations Panthers.

Happy Christmas!

I’ve probably already mentioned this

If you’ve seen me this week I’ve probably already mentioned this, but our Liberty Hill Panthers are playing for the state title at Floyd Casey Stadium at 1600 on Saturday. The Panthers face the Celina (suh-li’-na) Bobcats who are on a 31 game winning streak and have won seven state championships over the years. Should be a great game, Go Panthers!


Football propaganda posters are available for the playoff season. Print ’em out, print ’em out. Go lpr!

In other news nugget has sold to a cabal of foreign and/or domestic slackers for 1.7 billion dollars (estimated (by me (based on a vague feeling))). The old domain is now divided between and Adjust accordingly!

[Update 03DEC06] Added more propoganda.