Decant Agreement Definition

We would like to work with you as much as possible in case of need of a dekant. However, if you refuse to move if a dean is required, we will take legal action to force you to move. You do not automatically have the right to return to the property that decants you. However, we are committed to keeping communities united whenever possible. Whether you can return depends on a number of factors, including the size of the property after the renovation and the views of the local authority. If we plan to decant you away from your current home, we will first advise you. If we grow and agree that you can return to the property, we will ask your opinion on what it should look like and what amenities should be available. Our goal is to maintain and improve our high-level homes and develop quality housing. Sometimes we have to move residents to another unit because we have to do repairs that cannot be completed by residents who are in the accommodation. We can also decant because a renovation or demolition is necessary because of the condition of the property. If you would like more decadents, please visit our website or call 0208 354 5500. We know that years can be troublesome and difficult for residents.

We will make sure: if you are a tenant, we will always make sure to make at least 1 offer of reasonable accommodation before going to court. We will try to make an offer as close as possible to your criteria, but the options available depend on the features we have at that time. We will meet with you to assess your needs and the best way forward.