Acs Publication Agreement

A new agreement with ACS Publications will improve open access options for MIT researchers. All articles in ACS magazines with authors associated with MIT are open. Accepted manuscripts are automatically stored in MIT`s open access repository, as is required under MIT for publication contracts, while some of the published final documents are opened on the ACS publishing platform at no additional cost to individual authors. The terms of the agreement add a new automatic deposit service managed by ACS to existing acs paths developed to advance open access. Automation of direct payment is a value-added service that is included only in acS`s agreement with MIT and is based on a key element of the mit framework. In November 2019, ACS Publications announced a Read-Publish agreement with the Hungarian Electronic Information Service (EISZ) National Programme. In addition to ACS Publications, more than 60 chemist magazines and Chemical and Engineering News, this open access transformative pilot agreement allows authors affiliated with the seven institutions of the consortium to publish their open-access research forums in each ACS Publications journal at no additional cost to authors. In February 2020, Louisiana State University signed a transformative open access agreement with ACS Publications. As part of the agreement, LSU covers the cost of publishing articles for LSU correspondent authors who publish their research in 2020 under open access license in one of ACS`s more than 60 leading magazines. LSU authors can also publish among the most liberal open access licenses, “CC BY,” and benefit from a flawless online workflow solution, created jointly by ACS and the Copyright Information Sales Centre.

The agreement also provides LSU researchers with full access to each ACS Publications journal. This is the first such agreement signed by ACS Publications with a research organization in North America. Here is a complete list of all the reading and publishing agreements. ACS Publications is a long-time supporter of the growing open science movement. In addition to three complete open access magazines, ACS Central Science, ACS Omega and jacs Au, soon to be launched on the air, 100% of ACS Publications magazines publish open access research on ACS AuthorChoice licenses. Now, ACS Publications is taking the next step by entering into read-publish agreements with leading research institutes. As part of an agreement with the Polish Academic Consortium, researchers from 51 institutions throughout Poland can publish under the most liberal open access CC-BY license. They will also benefit from a highly streamlined process that will tailor their magazine articles to the publishing costs of the articles covered by this agreement. Researchers from participating institutions also have access to the more than 65 major magazines published by ACS.

Read-Publish agreements can help researchers accelerate the pace of open-access publishing, in part because they take responsibility for the direct cost of publishing articles (PPC) for researchers. In addition, being integrated into the writing process saves time and reduces management and authorisation processes for both authors and library/OA departments. Note: ACS Read -Publish agreements are sometimes referred to as offset or “transformative” agreements.