Gm Agreement With Nikola

Electric truck maker Nikola is still in talks with General Motors to enter into an alliance in the coming weeks, but it has supply contracts with Bosch and battery maker Romeo Power for its large futuristic facilities in the absence of a partnership with the automaker. The initial agreement reinforced Nikola`s status as one of the many high-flying green start-ups that attract Wall Street`s attention. GM`s loans to its engineering and manufacturing know-how and the awarding of a place on Nikola`s board of directors as part of the now-scrapped commitment were seen as confirmation of Nikola`s business model and growth prospects. GM said it was still interested in continuing cooperation projects with Nikola, but did not specify why it was delaying the conclusion of the agreement by 10 years. If the plans continued, Nikola would use GM`s battery system and batteries at a lower cost in future versions of his trucks. The automaker would also build and build Nikolas Badger`s electric pickup truck. In return, at the time the deal is announced, GM could receive $2 billion in new shares from Nikola and appoint a member to Nikola`s board of directors. The Detroit automaker also rejected plans to build an electric pickup truck called Badger for Nikola, an important part of a previous agreement outlined in September. This agreement was delayed after a negative report from short sellers raised questions about the willingness of certain aspects of Nikola`s business, allegations that the company declared false and misleading. GM and Nikola have revised their previous agreement; In this small agreement, GM Nikola will only provide fuel cells instead of building the badger.

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