Employment Agreement Dentist

You can access this form as a pdf document or a word processor. You can download the version or both at your leisure. It is generally recommended that you prepare this contract on screen with the information that defines the agreement between the employer and the practitioner involved, and then print it for signature. However, in cases where no editing software is available, the pdf version can be displayed, downloaded and printed with your browser. To access the PDF version, look for the “PDF” button (under the image) or the link above, then select it with the mouse. You`ll also find the “Word” button and a link above. Although rarely, sometimes you may have a “liquidated damages” clause in an employment contract. A provision for liquid claims would provide for a certain amount in dollars that the employer would receive from the employee in the event of non-competition. Contract termination. Employment contracts are generally governed by provisions relating to termination of the contract and/or employment.

Careful wording should provide for the end of employment, but not necessarily the employment contract. If the contract is not terminated, certain provisions may apply after your employment relationship has ended. Other points they should look for are: a new publication “Dentist Employment Agreements: A Guide to Key Legal Provisions” explains many of the conditions and provisions that govern dental employment contracts. The material is presented in such a way that you can take into account and verify an employment contract. It does not replace a lawyer, but can help you know what questions to ask and have interviews with your legal counsel. Some of the topics are: most of the associated agreements meet the industry standard of three months` notice, but you may find that some practices will require more – perhaps four to six months, or sometimes more, if you want you to commit for a limited time. This could make things difficult, and if you decide to continue in the future. It is therefore important to go through the contract with a fine tooth until you agree to anything. How are your earnings and benefits identified? This is, of course, a critical issue, because your compensation is probably the most important element of the agreement. Some things you need to be aware of are: Are you going to get a salary? If so, when are the pay dates? Is the salary annual? Monthly? By diem? Hours? Is your salary instead of production? In other words, you`ll get more compensation (for example. B a bonus) if you produce at a higher level, and vice versa, your salary will be reduced if you do not meet certain production goals? How is the bonus determined? Including an example of exposure in the agreement can be helpful.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that not all contracts are equal. While some are very long, others will be very short and will have only a lack of information.