Bond Paper For Agreement

Choose the type of stamp duty under the description of the document as if you want to choose the loan of compensation, and also choose the number of e-Stamp paper you want. As has already been said, agreements that are placed on old stamp paper are valid. In Thiruvengada Pillai vs. Navaneethammal – Anr. (see here), it was decided by the Honourable Supreme Court that the Indian Stamp Act does not impose an expiration date for the use of stamp paper. Within the six-month period covered in Section 54, it is simply stated that a person in possession of a stamp paper for which he had no direct use and for which he was not used directly is not corrupted, unfit or unnecessary, that he can be handed over to the collector and refunded after deduction of 10 paise per rupee. Section 54 does not require a person to use a stamp paper within six months of purchase. As a result, the reimbursement of an old stamp paper cannot be made after six months, but there are no restrictions on its use. in this agreement, we mentioned that we will terminate this agreement after 3 months, if the seller does not return my 15 lakhs, can I do on him? Since the law generally treats oral agreements as valid agreements, you can first enter into an oral agreement and then recognize it in a written and recorded document later. Unless such a document is required to be registered by a provision of a law, it is perfectly legitimate for you to recognize an agreement of an earlier date on a stamp with a new date executed on them without any legal complications. But if you have done something to rip off the government or remove it from any duty or punishment under the Indian stamp law or any other law, you may be punished. The agreements on the white paper are valid. thus, an agreement of 100 rupees of stamp paper can certainly be valid if it meets all the other conditions provided by law and law.

The only discrepancy in an unmarked agreement is to produce an unmarked agreement in court. Section 35 of the Stamp Act de qualifies a document that does not have the necessary stamp duty in court as inadmissible.