Authorized Provider Agreement Red Cross

The Posting Class Service (CPS) is an advantage as a licensed Red Cross provider, from which you can promote your courses, including the new online part of the interim mixed learning certification courses on (300,000 visitors per week). For more information on this benefit, you will be a licensed provider today at 1-888-461-6913 or please fill out the form. To achieve your organization`s health and safety training goals in the most effective way, you are signing an Agreement on Approved Suppliers (AP) with the American Red Cross today. We have now developed a number of options that offer you maximum flexibility while keeping security on track. Accredited providers have long worked with the Red Cross to provide training and information on first aid and RPC, water safety, HIV/AIDS prevention education and care. Accredited suppliers are Red Cross collaborators to provide high quality training to health and safety services in local communities. Whether it is training for their own employees, volunteers, clients or community members, licensed providers have a duty to provide the highest quality training. As a licensed provider, you have agreed, through the Authorized Provider Agreement, to provide American Red Cross education programs in accordance with the standards and objectives of the program you wish to offer. The Agreement on Approved Suppliers provides an overview of the mutual expectations, rights and responsibilities of the Red Cross and the approved supplier. Compliance with the guidelines of this document ensures the integrity of the American Red Cross programs and protects all parties involved – the authorized provider, the Red Cross and the instructor. The agreement also describes in writing how you will do business with the Red Cross. Call us today or email us for more information These courses are available through the Red Cross Learning Center or on

Provisional certification will be available at the Red Cross Learning Centre or on this site in the “Find My Certification” section. The Red Cross is closely monitoring the 2019 coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). Your health and safety are important to us. Red Cross Training Services is constantly evaluating what we can do to continue to support our support in these times of development. Yes, LPPs can perform any training for which they are certified by American Red Cross. For more information, please see our fact sheets below or contact a representative at As an Authorized Provider, your company or organization will appreciate the comfort of having your own employees certified as Red Cross instructors to provide our quality first aid, CPR and more. Employees of your company or members of your organization can train on your site, discreetly and comfortably. We have modified our courses to reflect social advice on renunciation. You can also customize your training to deal with issues or emergency procedures specific to your sector, construction sites or equipment in the field. Why was my organization becoming an authorized supplier? . Red Cross licensed training providers (LTPs) offer first aid/CPR/AED, Aquatics, Basic Life Support (BLS), Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) and Advanced Life Support (ALS). To learn more about our training programs, contact a training specialist or fill out the form below.

. New and rectifying clients complete the mixed part of their class and receive a provisional certificate that gives the student 90 days to participate in the skills session led by a course director.